One of the biggest honors we as designers are given, is when we are called upon to develop a company’s logo and/or brand.  We are a group of passionate brand builders that recognize this icon will become the most visual and utilized element of your business for a very long time to come.  When Bad Rabbit Creative is given the opportunity to create your logo and/or brand, we are taking on the responsibility, pride and passion that should come with that task.  A creative representation of your business is only one element of its development.  Your logo needs to be an extension of YOU…a visual validation of what you can offer your clients, patients or customers.

We have very much appreciated the honor of developing many logos for several  businesses of all sizes throughout our careers.  From entertainment companies, healthcare providers and professional service providers and consultants to publishing companies, products, special events and probably our biggest compliment, our own competition.

We would love to talk to you about your logo design or re-design.  Please contact a Bad Rabbit representative today and let’s give your business the fresh new start it deserves.

[Click on the images below to get a closer look at some of our more recent projects.]

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