August 3rd 2015 in General News

U.S. Navy Veteran Gets Creative

At the age of 19, Bad Rabbit Creative’s Owner and Creative Director, Dave Crigger began on a personal journey that would have him follow in the footsteps of his beloved grandfather, father, uncles and cousins.  Like his mentors before him, he would volunteer to join the U.S. Navy and serve his country proudly from 1987 – until late 1991 onboard the USS Fresno (LST-1182), a marine transport ship based out of Long Beach, California.  After two Western Pacific (West-Pac) tours that would include memorable stops throughout the Japanese Islands, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia, Guam and more, Crigger would trade conflicts in Burma and Iraq (Operation Desert Storm) for a long career in the creative/entertainment industry, starting it off in Film and Television working as an Account Executive for Burbank, California based All Post, Inc. where he would oversee the film-to-tape mastering of countless hours of film and television content for a wide range of clients including Warner Bros., Universal Studios, MGM and Turner.

In 1996, Crigger would move to the East Coast and accept a position as a Commercial Television Producer, Print Media Specialist and later as VP, Sales & Marketing for Digitec, the Lycomm Agency and Century III at Universal Studios.  In 2002, only after he had garnered years of experience throughout the creative industry, Crigger would act on his dream to helm his own agency, calling upon his long-time friends and industry veterans Tom Breslin and Jeff Friedman to join him in starting what would become one of Orlando’s premier video post-production facilities with the launch of Gate Seven Creative Studios.

After more than a decade of producing and post-producing hundred’s of hours of award-winning commercial television programming and other advertising content for Fortune 500 companies including Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, McDonald’s, NBC Sports Network, Lockheed Martin, Darden Restaurants and more, he would change the logo on his business cards again to become the sole Owner and Creative Director of Sanford, Florida based Bad Rabbit Creative, a creative boutique that would specialize in providing high quality print, web, video and social media design services to local small businesses at prices they could afford.  Crigger adds, “I personally have always preferred to eat, shop and do business with and for the local small businesses in my community.  There has always been a great comfort in walking through the doors of a business that is owned and operated by your neighbor and I want to do everything I can to help preserve that.  Preservation, not only for myself, but for the countless many who have been led to believe, through expensive ad buys and market saturation, that our sense of pride in our community, is a thing of the past.”

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Article written by Bad Rabbit

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