The Challenge

When your owner and Creative Director is a former U.S. Navy serviceman, you get a clear understanding of the importance of this particular project and make sure the client does too. Our task? Design a fresh new online presence to be used as a recruiting tool for America's Navy. Many would be considered, but only one will win.

The Solution

Our solution to this task was to provide a design that would bring our country's military strength to the forefront in a simply laid out series of impactful images that capture just that. Military might is amazing to both look at and be a part of and we believe that is just what recruits are inspired by. The proposed site was sharp, clean and easy to navigate, but like our military...strong, bold and straight to the point.

The Result

The Client's Thoughts

Unfortunately, the DOD decided to pass on our design and went in another direction. However, we loved the work we did on our proposal and thought you might too.
Bad Rabbit Creative